Verification of Platinum Home Buyers was carried out by the Authorised Signatory of the Receiver with the help of both the Association and the other Residents of Platinum. Noida Authority could not send its representative to assist the verification. With the experience gained from Sapphire Phase I, the verification process, was undertaken, so as to cover several categories of Home Buyers. The revised  list so prepared is being uploaded for, objections, suggestions, or corrections as in the case of Sapphire Phase I. On the revised  list being ready thereafter, it will be forwarded to the registration authority.

It is made clear that any Home Buyer whose name is not included in the uploaded list can always get their names included on showing that they full fill all the stipulated requirements.

It is made clear that it is even thereafter or at any point of time if it is found that the information given by any home buyer are not true, the registration will remain subject to orders of the Supreme Court.

The office of Court Receiver is no way concerned and responsible for the discrepancies, if any in the list. In case of such, kindly contact RWA and NOIDA Authority.