On 27.09.2019 dated, Noida Authority sent to the office of the Receiver a list of Home Buyers whose documents have been verified at the premises of Sapphire Phase I. Based on the list provided by Noida Authority, Sapphire Phase I Association has forwarded a list of Home Buyers on 15.11.2019, which as of now is treated as the first eligible list. Again based on the list provided by Noida Authority, Sapphire Phase I Association has forwarded the Second List of Home Buyers on 09.02.2020, which as of now is treated as the second eligible list. This will be open to any objection. Persons who don’t find their names in the list but whose cases have been verified by Noida Authority, can approach the RWA before approaching the office of the Receiver for inclusion in the list of eligible Home Buyers. It is understood that the List of Home Buyers produced by Noida Authority is in accordance with the verification process agreed to by Noida Authority on the instructions given by the Office of the Receiver. The list will be uploaded shortly and which will be the basis for registration.

On 28.09.2019 the office of the Receiver received a list of Sapphire Phase I forwarded by the Association said to be the list verified by the Noida Authority.

This list from which the List of Eligible Home Buyers has been prepared is also being uploaded for the information of all concerned, who might not have been in a position so far to get corrections done.

One important concern is about payments due from Home Buyers, as reported by the Forensic Auditors. The list which is being uploaded now is being shared with Forensic Auditors. In case the auditors have comments on any outstanding amounts from any home buyer which is not reflected in the list, the names of such home buyers will be kept pending.  Comments received from forensic auditors will be communicated to the respective home buyers and the list will stand modified after clearing objections.

After waiting for a period of seven days from 10.02.2020 and after receiving comments from Forensic Auditors, the Noida Authority will be requested to treat the corrected list as fit for registration. The registration can commence soon thereafter.

It is made clear that any Home Buyer whose name is not included in the uploaded list can always get their names included on showing that they full fill all the stipulated requirements.

It is made clear that it is even thereafter or at any point of time if it is found that the information given by any home buyer are not true, the registration will remain subject to orders of the Supreme Court.

The office of Court Receiver is no way concerned and responsible for the discrepancies, if any in the list. In case of such, kindly contact RWA and NOIDA Authority.

2nd List of Sapphire Phase I  10.02.2020