Criteria of second list:
1. If Possession Letter is not available, please enclose below and proceed with registry.
” (A) Possession Intimation letter with sign and stamp
(b) Key handing over letter in original
(b)Government ID proof of residence for the same flat such as Aadhar card or driving license or Voter id or Ration card or Passport.”
2. If NOC is not available please present following document:
“(a) Original Payment Receipt (paid to builder)
(b) Bank statement of amount being disbursed
(c ) Summary of payment”
3. In case of Bank Loan and photocopies have been submitted.
“(a) Covering letter by bank listing documents which have been submitted in bank.
(b) NOC from Bank informing about the registry
(c) Original payment receipts where bank amount was disbursed
(d) Summary of Payment”

S.NO.Flat No.Owner's NameSuper Built -up AreaBuilder Buyer AgreementAllotment LetterPossession Letter/ Occupancy LetterNo dues certificateNature of sale+I27Remarks
1H-1002Sh. Sanjay Kumar Rakesh & Smt. Nishi Rakesh1850PPNPDirectMortgage from UCO Bank
2E-0802Mr. Rahul Agarwal1390OONODirect
3D-2003Mrs. Neelima Batra & Salini Chowduhry1140OONODirect
4C-0204Mrs. Madhvi Dua & Mr. Vikrant Dua trans. To Bhavana Dixit w/o Varun Prissa1390OOPOResale
5L-0804Mrs. Ekta Suri1390PPPPDirect
6H-1104Mr. Nipun Marwah & Mrs. Alpana Marwah1390OOOODirect
7K-0602Mr. Rahul Khare1850PPNPDirectMortgage in IDBI
8D-0304Mr. Shekhar Ray & Mrs. Lily Rai1140OOOODirect
9L-1406Mr. Neeraj Jain trsfrd to Sm. Lily Roy1640OOOOResaleResale
10K-0805Mr. Surendra Kumar Pandey & Mrs. Rewa Pandey1640PPNPDirectMortgage in UCO Bank
11K-1503Mrs. Alpana Sarawat1390PPPODirectAxis Bank Loan
12E-0903Lt. Col Ashish Kumar & Mrs. Upinderjit kaur1140PPNPDirect
13E-1806Smt. Lalita Devi1390PPNPResale
14J-0602Mr. Uttam Bose and Sudipta BoseNPPPPDirectMortgage in IDBI Bank
15K-1402Vinay Singhvi1850PPNPDirect
16H-1601Satish Golchha and Rachna Golchha1850PPPPDirect
17H-1004Mrs. Rati Diwan and Amit Diwan1390PPNPDirect
18G-1105Mrs. Priya Singh trsfr to Mahalakshmi Pawani1850PPNNRESALE
19C-1403Mr. Faizan Farooqui trnsfr to Mohd. Hashim Qureshi1390PPNPRESALE
20E-0602Mr. Anurag Kumar1390PPPNDirect
21E-0702Mr. Ambuj Kumar1390PPPNDirectMortgage from bank
22C-1001Mr. Neeraj Mittal & Mrs. Anita Mittal1850PPNPDirect
23G-0801Pradeep Kumar Tripathi1640OONODirect
24B-1004C S Rabha and Nibha Rabha1390PPPPHDFC loan
25G-305Jagdish Rai1850PPPP
26F-603Suresh Kumar Mittal1140PPPP
27L-1203APrachi Sati and Nivedan Kukreti1390PPPP
28B-0702Urmila Pandey & S K Pandey1850OONODirect
29K-0401Dr. Rajib Ratna Chaudhary1850ONOODirect