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We observe from AMRAPALI CUSTOMERS experience some issues in Getting to CUSTOMER DATA portal ,  some of which is   sorted out as under:-

How can I get update for my project?2020-12-26T07:48:53+00:00

You can visit to court receiver website :– Click to visit website

You can also join our Official Telegram Channel  to get all the recent updates :-  To Join Our official Telegram

Note :– All the Amrapali Home Buyers are advised to fill in their Customer Data :- To Fill in Customer Data

When and how to make payment ?2020-12-12T16:39:10+00:00

Please make your payment through the following link https://www.ucobank.com/english/Supreme-Court-Amrapali-Project.aspx


You can do the offline payment through UCO Bank branch

What is my due that I have to pay ?2020-12-12T16:39:01+00:00

You have to compare your due outstanding with the construction/payment schedule of NBCC.Refer to Letter dated 08th August 2020,Guidelines on calculation under “Instruction to Home buyer on www.receiveramrapali.in

Bank in not disbursing the loan and due to this we were not able to make first payment ?2020-12-12T16:39:37+00:00

We have signed MOUs with few Banks & Financial Institutions and others are in process and will be signed soon. Refer to www.receiveramrapali.in for updates

Is there a penalty on late payment ?2022-05-18T10:54:00+00:00

It has come to our notice that Home Buyers are not making payments on time as per the given payment plan on our website.

It is made clear from now onwards there will be penalty charges on the delayed payment. Rs. 2,500 per day will be charged for the first month and Rs. 5000 per day for the second month and Rs. 10,000 per day thereafter.

My only possession amount is pending, do I still have to make payment ?2020-12-12T16:42:26+00:00

Yes, all the balance payments are mandatory.

When is my project going to be completed ?2020-12-12T16:45:15+00:00

Please refer to receiveramrapali.in for updates. Refer to NBCC letter dated 27th July 2020 under “Instruction to Home Buyer”

or click here


We do not have our BBA/payment receipt please total our due ?2020-12-12T16:46:01+00:00

Please call on the IVR NO 9672590840 Number or mail us to receiveroffice@gmail.com with details for resolution.

We did not get any demand letter ?2020-12-12T16:49:52+00:00

No specific demand letter is being sent. The construction payment schedule uploaded in receiveramrapali.in is to be strictly followed.

We have filled the customer data in not figuring option but it is still not showing our name , do we have to make payment ?2020-12-12T16:53:27+00:00

You dont need to see your name in the cusomer data , you will be receiving a mail once you submit form on our portal. But still you have some query in mind please do contact us on receiver office or you can  call the IVR NO 9672590840 or mail to receiveroffice@gmail.com

How to update our email Id –mobile no or address ?2020-12-12T16:55:03+00:00

You need to find your unit in customer data there you will get the link for resetting the mobile number/ E Mail ID/ Communication Address. The details are there in the receiveramrapali.in Please refer to customer data in the portal for updation.

Customer data is showing my flat on others name so who will get the flat should I make payment ?2020-12-12T16:56:23+00:00

Search your unit in customer data after that there is a button in the green colour , click on that button and fill your form. or still facing some issue Please call the IVR NO 9672590840 or mail to receiveroffice@gmail.com

Please order bank not to charge huge interest ?2020-12-12T16:56:54+00:00

Interest rate on home loan is the prerogative of the respective bank as mandated by RBI.

Discrepancy in payment record in forensic auditors ?2020-12-12T16:57:29+00:00

Please call in IVR NO 9672590840 or mail to receiveroffice@gmail.com

I have chosen for swapping /refund /what is the process, whom to contact ?2020-12-12T16:57:56+00:00

We are neither doing swapping nor refund at present. The queries will be taken at the appropriate time.

I have got my unit swapped at the time of builder but it is showing in customer data in previous unit now for which unit to make payment ,we do not have BBA of our new unit ?2020-12-12T16:58:35+00:00

Please call at the IVR NO 9672590840 or mail to receiveroffice@gmail.com

Our Project / Tower in not there in NBCC construction plan do we have make payment ?2020-12-12T16:59:28+00:00

The construction schedules of few more projects are getting updated as and when the contracts are given by NBCC.You can make the payment then on.

Sir I making payment from our side, if there is discrepancy /we have paid extra what will happen then ?2020-12-12T16:59:53+00:00

If there is any payment,which is in excess,it will be refunded at a later date.

Can we sale our flat ? and the process for pre-registration transfer ?2020-12-12T17:01:23+00:00

Yes, you can sell the flat, but there is a charge on it. Please refer receiveramrapali.in Only pre-registration sale is allowed at present after due charges as referred in letter on our portal under Publication & Press release dated 13th October 2020.

The flat was owned by my father / mother, he/ she is no more.For taking a loan I have to get the unit transfer on my name to avail loan from bank ?2020-12-12T17:01:58+00:00

Yes, You have to give a letter along with the death certificate. Please mail at receiveroffice@gmail.com with details.

I have purchased two units I am not able to make payment can I surrender one unit shift the money to other unit ?2020-12-12T17:03:24+00:00

We cannot assure you on this, but this will be on case to case basis only.

Interest on delay payment2023-09-27T04:21:17+00:00

Why do we need to pay interest on delay payment ?

The construction is going in full swing with the help of borrowed money from the financial institutions which carries the interest burden on the project.
The monitoring committee decided to recover the interest from the homebuyers at the rate of 12% PA (simple interest) from the due date of payment till actual payment.

Sub-ventions category allottee2023-09-27T04:21:07+00:00

Why sub-ventions category allottee have to fill up additional data as per link ?

It has come to the notice of the monitoring committee that some home buyers registered on the portal but not making due payment. Other than the sub vention category has to be identified for separate consideration. Therefore it is mandatory to fill up the additional data by the sub vention category

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