1. Area (as per the Builder Buyer Agreement)
  2. Basic Sale Price (as per Builder Buyer Agreement)
  3. Other charges, if any (as per Builder Buyer Agreement)
  4. Amount paid (as per Guidelines of Computation provided earlier)
  5. Amount of Service Tax paid (as per Guidelines of Computation provided earlier)
  6. All proof of payment is mandatory along with Bank Statement for such payments.
  7. Changes in regard to present address, email address and mobile number may be updated.
  8. All queries must be via E-Mail Only.
  9. No communication by WhatsApp or Mobile will be entertained.

Grievance Redressal Court Receiver

For Any Query Please send a mail to

  • : 9672590840

Any Query From Amrapali Home Buyer

Customer data as analysed by the Office of Receiver is being uploaded. Detailed instructions as to verification of data and supply of any information are also given. Home buyers are advised to follow the instructions. In case of any difficulties separate E-mail can be sent on No communication by Whats app or mobile will be entertained.

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