It has come to notice that individual Home Buyers of Amrapali facing difficulty in approaching the Receiver for appropriate and genuine changes, such as, change in name, sur name, inclusion or deletion of allottee(s) or co-allottees due to any reason.

In order to mitigate their hardship of coming to Office of Receiver seeking individual approval, I propose to issue terms for general approval for such change in names, addition, deletion etc. which will be treated as issued in individual case, for the purpose of Registration of their Tripartite Agreement after duly completing other due procedural requirements of the Authority.

After waiting for a period of seven days from 19.02.2020 and after receiving comments from any other Authority or individual or any affected person, the Noida Authority can proceed to treat this general terms of approval for individual cases and as fit for registration. The registration can commence soon thereafter.

It is made clear that it is even thereafter or at any point of time if it is found that the information given by any home buyer are not true, the registration will remain subject to orders of the Supreme Court.

The office of Court Receiver is no way concerned and responsible for the discrepancies, if any in the application and/or documents provided for such requirement of changes in names etc.