Dear Amrapali Home Buyer

Home Buyers giving ‘Acceptance’ are also required to send the ‘Payment Summary Details’ via COMPLETEDFLATSNBCC@GMAIL.COM address.

It is noticed the Home Buyers simply click the ‘Acceptance’ button and forget to send the ‘Payment Summary Details’.  This payment summary detail is MANDATORY to check allotment and payment paid details with data as a preliminary verification.

It is, therefore, advised to all Home Buyers to send the ‘Payment Summary Details’ sheet via the above eMail address, failing which they will not be listed for final verification of documents.

The Home Buyers who have already sent may ignore this message.

It is further intimated to all concerned Home Buyers are that,

  • 1st lot of process calling ‘Acceptance’ along with ‘Payment Summary Details’ will be closed soon.
  • Home Buyers may wait for 2nd lot of process to reopen.

Treat this mail as URGENT and comply with the requirement ASAP.


Warm Regards…….. Team Court Receiver