Final call for registration and payment of outstanding dues – short extension of time limit.

Due date for registering in the customer data via portal and subsequent payment of outstanding dues into uco bank was fixed by 31.12.2021.

It is understood that non-working of uco bank online portal, due to maintenance work between 24.12.2021 and 27.12.2021, amrapali home buyers experienced some difficulty in making payments into uco bank and sought some extension of time limit beyond 31.12.2021.

To facilitate the home buyers, now the last date for making payments into uco bank has been extended till 10th january, 2022.  Home buyers who have not able to make payment till 31.12.2021 may avail the extended time.

Please note that no more extension of time for making payments would be allowed.

Home buyers who have not filled in their details in the customer data, may also avail this extended time limit.

Solicite early compliance from default home buyers of amrapali project.