In terms of the order passed by the Supreme Court dated 14.10.2019, and rounds of consultation with representatives of Home Buyers and the Counsel for the Parties and after discussions with NBCC, by taking in account of certain factors, a tentative grouping of Amrapali Projects for the tender processes and onward execution has been drawn.

The decisive factors are:

  1. The cost of construction of each projects,
  2. The quantum of receivables, primarily from Sold units,
  3. The deficit between the two,
  4. The period required for completion of each project,
  5. The proposals drawn by NBCC with all details are uploaded, only for the purpose of information.

The responsibility of NBCC in taking decisions in the above regard is to be trusted and the office of the Receiver is not inclined to interfere with the NBCC work.

Any errors in the figures relating to Receivables are always open to correction.

Hopefully after the next hearing of the case on 2nd December, 2019, and on the receipt of a reasonable sum of funds, NBCC can always be requested to make suitable alterations of the proposed plan.

Phasing of Amrapali projects-19.11.19


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